Apr 19, 2018 12:20:14 PM / by Garrett Frisina

I have been in numismatics, “the hobby of kings”, since I have been a young child.  Connecting coins & currency to history is something that all dealers, collectors and investors love! This weekend at GulfCoast Coin & Jewelry will be hosting an Auction with over 1200+ lots of PURE HISTORY!

Just 3 of The 1200 Pcs Of History Being Auctioned Live This Saturday:

PCGS MS-62 1907 Saint Gaudens High Relief – This coin came about from an unusual relationship of 2 of the most famous Americans in history, Theodore Roosevelt & Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The relationship of these two men and the acceptance by Saint-Gaudens of Roosevelt Challenge, to change the aging US Coinage would forever impact American Currency & Numismatics! Augustus Saint-Gaudens went on to engrave and design many more famous US coins, most  of which are represented in this upcoming sale. If you have never held a high relief in your hand, well this is your chance!

PMG Certified AU-50 1776 Counterfeit Detector Uncut Sheet-  Issue Date Of February 17, 1776. Counterfeit detector notes and sheets were printed on unique paper. They provided merchants and the population a way to confirm genuine notes for the newly printed “Paper Money” and seize possible counterfeits. It just doesn’t get any more Americana then that! Amazing to think who else held this?

NGC AU-55 1861-O $20 Double Gold Eagle -  One of the scarcest and fabled $20 gold coins struck! This coin was struck under three different ‘governments’ during our nation’s civil war time period. At one time the New Orleans Mint was controlled by 3 different parties, The Union, The State of Louisiana, and the Confederacy. It is estimated that only 150-175 of these coins exist today!  Extremely Rare Piece Of History – Come Hold It In Your Hands!  

Come Hold History In Your Hands!
Preview Days Start Thursday 4/19 & Friday 4/20 from 12 -5pm with the auction starting 4/21 at 12 noon.  Call us at (239) 939-5636 for more information.

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