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How to Choose Jewelry That Looks Good With Your SkintoneIf you're looking for a piece of jewelry that will look the same on everyone who wears it, you're going to have a very hard time finding one. There are many different reasons that jewelry looks different on different people, but one of the biggest factors is skin tone. Certain metals and gemstones look better against different skin tones. By understanding how different metals flatter different skin tones, you'll be able to find more pieces of jewelry that you feel confident wearing.

Determining your skin tone

To determine your skin tone, it's best to look at your skin in natural light. Try finding a spot where the veins are noticeable. For most people, their wrists are usually a good choice. If your veins appear blue or purple in color, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins appear green in color, you have a warm skin tone. If your veins appear blue in some areas and green in others, you have a neutral skin tone.

It's important to remember that skin tone is not the same as skin color. It's possible to have darker skin and a cool skin tone, and you can also have light skin and a warm skin tone. Skin tone is closely related to your ethnic background where as skin color has more to do with the environment.

Matching skin tone to metals

Once you've determined whether you have warm or cool undertones, it's easy to find a metal color that will flatter your skin tone. People with cool skin tones look good in light or white metals such as white gold, platinum and silver. People with warm skin tones look good in yellow and rose gold, copper and brass jewelry. If you have a neutral skin tone, you'll look good in both white metals and yellow metals.

Matching skin tone to gemstone colors

Matching metal colors to your skin tone help to make sure that your jewelry isn't distracting, but the metal itself usually isn't the focus point of a piece of jewelry. Gemstones that match your skin tone help to create a more cohesive look. Cool skin tones look good against bright colors such as red, blue, purple and green because they bring liveliness to cool skin. Earth tones such as orange, brown, yellow and turquoise are ideal for warm skin because the yellow undertone in the skin is earthy as well.

Does skin tone really matter?

When it comes to jewelry, there's no concrete set of rules about which metals you can and cannot wear. If you have a cool undertone to your skin but you love rose gold, go ahead and wear it. Most people fall somewhere between warm and cool, giving you the ability to bend the rules to your liking. The skin tone rule is really just a guideline, and your personality and style are important factors to consider too.

These days, mixing metals, stones or textures isn't something you have to avoid. Don't be afraid to try new pieces of jewelry to find something that you love, even if it isn't necessarily "right" for your skin tone. If you like something and it makes you feel confident, don't be afraid to wear it.
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