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Questions to Ask When Choosing a JewelerBuying fine jewelry isn't like buying other "big-ticket" items such as a car or household appliance. Gemstones, diamonds and fine jewelry all come with their own language and intricacies. On top of that, most of us only make fine jewelry purchases a few times in our lives. Yet, these purchases happen in moments that are filled with emotional significance. Choosing a jeweler to help make these moments perfect is essential, but knowing how to choose a jeweler isn't always so simple. Here are five questions to ask when choosing a jeweler:

Are they a personal jeweler?

Among other things, being a personal jeweler means they're on your side. A personal jeweler wants what's best for you, and they will do everything they can to make you happy. Personal jewelers aren't trying to sell you any old product in the display. It's their goal and mission to find you a piece of jewelry that speaks to you. A personal jeweler aims to find out what you really want, even if it takes awhile. They rarely say "no" or "I can't do that." Instead, they'll find a way to make it work, or they'll refer you to someone else who can better meet your needs.

Do they offer a wide range of services?

A good and respected jeweler offers a wide range of services. They should be able to not only solve your immediate needs but also any needs you may have in the future. A respected jeweler will have an in-house gemologist who is trained on the different properties of stones and can help you find the perfect stone for your style and budget. A good jeweler should also offer repair and resizing services, and you shouldn't have to go to a different jeweler if you need your engagement ring resized in a few years. Don't be afraid to look for jewelers who offer jewelry cleaning, watch repair, custom designed jewelry or anything else you may need in the future.

Is the jeweler knowledgeable?

When working with a jeweler, it's important that everyone who works there can answer your questions with confidence and ease. If they can't, they should be able to direct you to someone else in-house who can. Don't hesitate to walk away if a salesperson or staff member refuses to answer a question or isn't helpful. Everything you ask matters, and you deserve to have all of your questions answered.

A respected jeweler should also be able and willing to teach you all about the jewelry you're interested in buying. If you're looking for an engagement ring with your significant other, you may not be trained on the 4 Cs of a diamond or what to look for. A good jeweler should guide you through the process and provide you with the tools needed to help you see the true beauty of what you're looking to purchase.

How does the jeweler handle certifications and appraisals?

Jewelers should always be honest when it comes to their jewelry, but don't just take their word for it. If you're buying an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry with a diamond, ask for a third-party diamond certificate from an independent gem lab, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). This certification proves that the stone is natural and documents the color, carat and quality of the diamond.

Do you feel like you can trust them?

Above all, the most important question to ask when choosing a jeweler is, "can I trust them?" Before making any sort of purchase, ask yourself this question, and really take the time to think about the answer. A sense of trust can come from a lot of different places: a referral from a friend, a solid reputation within the community or even a great experience in-store. Finding a jeweler you can trust will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it will make shopping for a new piece of jewelry a little bit easier.
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