Gulfcoast Coin, Jewelry & Auction Testimonials


Auction Services 12/18/18

David and the crew where extremely helpful in liquidating my Mothers estate jewelry! Fast, friendly and patient! I recommend them 110%. We listed it with them on about the 3rd of December, sale took place on the 9th of December....100% sold AND for more then we expected. Thanks for the help, use me for a reference anytime!



Super happy Shopper 11/28/18

       I recently went into to gulf coast coin and jewelry to get a wedding band. They showed me a very wide selection and didn't try to sell me their most expensive band like some other stores would. They helped me pick one out that actually suited me and looked good on me; the ring I wanted they didn't have in in my size but were more than happy to make sure it could be ordered in my size. They are great friendly people and more than happy to help with prices that can't be beat. I would more than recommend them.


Happy Auction Consigner

I am a consigner at your auction. I usually sell loose gemstones. I think you may remember me. You are always so friendly to me when you speak to me on the phone. I've been working with your company for many years now. I just wanted to let you know I sure appreciate how friendly and helpful your entire staff is. I was sorry to hear that Jeff Jesse was no longer with the company. He was a good guy. Since then Cassandra Shultz has taken over as my account representative. Wow ! Am I impressed. She is wonderful and excellent at her job. She is an awesome communicator , she's very cordial, organized, professional. She is also incredibly prompt returning all e-mails and answering my questions. I participate in a few other auctions besides yours , but by far she is the best rep I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I know I'm just a little player in your cast of consigners but you folks make me feel valued and welcomed. I just wanted to say thank you for the exemplary treatment and let you know I appreciate it.

Sincerely, Tony Hill

Very Knowledgeable Staff


My parents both recently moved into an assisted living facility.  During their 50+ years together, they had the opportunity to travel the globe and raise a family of 5 children, all while running a successful business.  During their travels, they collected a wide variety of items, ranging from tourist trinkets to antique carvings and cabinets from European castles to jewelry and furs to custom deep sea fishing equipment – the list is long and varied.

When the time came for them to move, they left a 3,000 square foot house and multiple storage units, all packed high with their collections and there was a desperate need to downsize.  I did a lot of research, both locally and around the country to see where we would be able to sell their items while realizing the most money for them.  I brought a variety of items to several different places and one of my stops was at Gulf Coast Coin & Jewelry. 

The staff at Gulf Coast Coin & Jewelry amazed me right away with their knowledge about the items that I had brought in (and some were more unusual than others  ).  They took the time to fully explain the process of either buying some of the items outright (jewelry and coins) or placing them into one of their regular auctions, which are held on-site as well as being streamed live on the internet, increasing the potential buying pool many times over vs just a local auction.  Unlike many other local auction houses that charge a high percentage, along with seller’s fees, Gulf Coast Coin & Jewelry has a sliding commission scale and no extra or hidden fees.

I’ve worked very closely with many of the staff members at Gulf Coast Coin & Jewelry and would like to acknowledge specifically Sam and Cassie, who took some of the more unique items and researched them in order to achieve the best and most realistic pricing.

I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Coin & Jewelry to anyone that is looking to downsize or looking to sell.  Stop in & visit them – they have multiple locations in the area, are great to work with and have helped us tremendously with what seemed to be an unsurmountable task.


Always Recommend Gulfcoast

Thanks so much for your help. Would always recommend Gulfcoast for your courtesy, professionalism and kindness.  Be well. Mary Port

Going The Extra Mile


I wanted to take a moment out of my day to say thank you.

Barbara really turned my whole day around yesterday, I entered your Fort Myers store with my boyfriend, my daughter, some coins and jewelry that belonged to my late grandmother. I never expected anyone to understand what I was feeling or for someone to care as much as she did. She was patient when I wasn't sure if I wanted to part with certain items.... I knew I walked in with a "just get rid of it " wanting to be numb feeling as it was just a box of things... The professionalism, and knowledge she had regarding the items built a level of trust, her kindness and genuine nature built yet another. When she could have just treated me like a number she didn't. I can't possibly tell you how much it means to me the experience I had in your store yesterday. She was very helpful and with in 24 hours of me leaving the store she had even pulled together a quote on a custom mothers ring for myself that replicates the one of my great grandmothers. You don't find many people today that exceed the level of service as she did. I just thought you should know how very special she made me feel and how amazing I think she is.



Hi Dave:
Wanted to let you know that I received the check for the Tuxedo clock. I wanted to thank you for helping me and keeping me informed with the auction process. When I have other items (multiple Lladro and Waterford) I will think of Gulfcoast Coin first.
Thanks again,